Pokemon Trainer Haru

I made a video of my capture of Mareep but I ran out of memory on my camera towards the end and it cut me off. >n<

But now, I can’t decide if I should just upload the video or just not and then try to find like a video software so I can make a new video and splice them together.

idk. I’ll decide later.

omgosh! After several attempts and 2 full days of hunting, I FINALLY found my shiny Mareep! Everyone meet Lambchop!

Kinda got tired of waiting around for a Tuesday for this game to find shiny Rotom (since I haven’t found it yet) and decided to do a side hunt for Mareep. Glad I decided to do that because look at this cutie. <3

Pokemon Goals~

So, here it stands on my games what I’m trying to get:

Pokemon Y: Shiny Rotom

Pokemon Black 2: Shiny Growlithe (or Koffing)

Pokemon White: Shiny Roggenrola

Pokemon HeartGold: Shiny Mareep

Pokemon LeafGreen: Shiny Meowth

Looking for all these pokemon and I haven’t found them yet. Rotom can only be found on Tuesdays (Grrr) and my Growlithe hunt surpassed 10,000 random encounters (RE). So, I’ve gotten slightly annoyed and really tired of hunting with no results. 

I hope I find something soon.

Playing my LeafGreen game for fun to see if I could find a shiny and I found a shiny Machop on Victory Road. What?!

Playing my LeafGreen game for fun to see if I could find a shiny and I found a shiny Machop on Victory Road. What?!

Today is a Tuesday and today you can only find a Rotom on a Tuesday. So, I’m Soft Resetting in hopes to find a shiny Rotom in my Pokemon Y version.

And if I do, I’m going to name it Gabriel after my favorite Trickster Angel who loves to torture Sam Winchester on Tuesdays.

To anyone who wants a BEAUTIFUL 5 perfect IV Squirtle!! Please enter his contest! He’s a really sweet guy! Good luck to you!!! :))))

My friend told me that if we were in the Pokemon universe, my job in that universe would be a Pokemon Breeder because I have the patients to create superior Pokemon plus trying to find shinies.

I like that. 

I seemed to finally have created the perfect Eevee/Vaporeon IV breed pokemon. With 5 perfect IVs in Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed. His nature is Modest which gives him high Sp. Attack but low Attack.

I might work on it some more to get the perfect health IV but right now I’m SO freaking proud. This is the first perfect breed Eevee/Vaporeon and I’m excited to see his potential.

His name is Kelbey, which means ‘farm by the spring.’

I dunno why I named him that, I was just looking for alternative ways to say ‘Ocean’ or ‘Spring’ or ‘Waterfall’ and that seemed the nicest. 

I like it. *u*

So, after I find a shiny Larvesta, I’m going to move onto getting a 5 perfect IV Eevee so I can have an ultimate Vaporeon to poke battle with. 

Don’t get me wrong it would be cool to have a shiny Eevee but I don’t like shiny Vaporeon so that’s not what I want. You might find it weird but I don’t really like the shiny evolved forms of the Eeveelutions. I dunno why.. I just don’t.

So, I’m attempting to breed a 6 perfect IV Larvesta. I’ve kinda completed the goal by getting a 5 almost perfect IV’d Larvesta. Going to try a little more to get 6 perfect IV’s. >u<

Wish me luck. My goal is to try and get a shiny 6 perfect IV Larvesta… but it’s taking a loooooonnnnggg time. Larvesta’s take forever to hatch and some batches IV’s kinda stink. :T

But I’ll keep trying.